Post a Ticket Support?

Post a Ticket Support?

Thank you for reaching, to save time and prevent back & forth comments, please provide more detailed information as below Inspire Support Template to help us quickly troubleshoot your issues. - Step 1: Copy the ticket template as below detail. - Step 2: Login and pasted the content as a New Ticket Support

Bug reports

1. Which feature doesn’t behave as documented, and how does it misbehave?
Name here the specific features or fields that are not behaving as documented, and explain clearly what is happening.
2. Your product information
Provide following information: - Product version (could be found at pubspec.yaml file, at version: x.x.x). - File lib/env.dart file. - Folder /lib/config.
3. Step to reproduce the issues
Steps to reproduce the behavior (User steps, not code): 1. Go to ‘…’ 2. Click on ‘…’ 3. Scroll down to ‘..’ 4. See error.
4. Error message
if applicable, copy & paste error message here
5. Expected behavior
A clear and concise description of what you expected to happen)
6. Screenshots, videos
If applicable, add screenshots and videos to help explain your problem
7. Runtime Environment
Please complete the following information if relevant - Device: [e.g. Samsung Galaxy Note 8] - OS: [e.g. Android 8.0.0]
8. Flutter SDK version
Please insert the output of "flutter doctor" here

Document Requests

1. To which pages does your suggestion apply?
- Direct URL 1 - Direct URL 2 - ...
2. Quote the sentences(s) from the documentation to be improved (if any)
Insert here. (Skip if you are proposing an entirely new section.)
3. Describe your suggestion

Feature Requests

1. Is your feature request related to a problem?
If so, please follow step 2,3 and 4. Otherwise, raise a feature request at, highly voted feature would be considered to be implemented in next patch.
2. Describe the solution you’d like
3. Describe alternatives you’ve consider
4. Additional context

Questions and Answers

1. Did you search for solution on InspireUI documentation and Common Questions?
2. Is your question included in Support Scope?
3. Describe your questions here.
4. Attach screenshots, videos to declare your questions (if any).
5. Provide your product information:
  • Product name(s) that have issue.
  • Product version (could be found at pubspec.yaml file, at version: x.x.x).
  • File lib/env.dart file.
  • Folder /lib/config.