The Fact & Numbers

The Fact & Numbers

Below is sharing some facts to discover more information about FluxStore apps. You will know the reason why and how much our Clients love to use the apps.
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⭐️ What is the Non-tech Customer feedback?

Most Clients do not have a technical background but they are able to use FluxStore apps to install and publish to App Stores. If you also have a little bit of coding knowledge, that's easy too.
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🚀 Is the app builder FREE for usage?

Our customers have designed their apps beautifully using the free drag&drop FluxBuilder tool. You can customize DESIGN/UI of app for free. Download it here. This is the Video guide.
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🌈 Could i see some latest features screenshots?

🎁 What will i get after purchase?

  1. 📱Full Dart source code for both iOS and Android.
  1. 🎁 Free drag&drop FluxBuilder tool to customize app Design/UI easily.
  1. 📑 Well documentation help using product effective.
  1. 📹 Free Video tutorial, refer to InspireUI Channel.
  1. 🧑‍💻 Design Source by Figma design tools.
6. 💦 Free Splash screen animate by Flare.
7. 🤝 Private Facebook Group to sharing knowledge.
8. 💝 Free WooCommerce website to help installing more easily.
9. 🔥 One time purchase, Lifetime upgrade.

☘️ Common Pre-sale questions

Does it include full source code package?
Yes, you will get the full source code package and also the free WordPress plugins (if the product require to connect via Rest API).

Can I release the app to both iOS and Android?
Yes, some apps are made by React Native framework, some apps are made by Flutter framework. They support to release for both iOS and Android.

Will i get the free upgrade on the next coming version?
Yes. One time purchase, lifetime upgrade. You will get the free upgrade with more awesome features coming. Please follow the change logs to see the detail update. You will get the notify email for the new version update on stores.

Can I share your source code?
You are NOT allowed to sell or share the source code of this template anywhere due to copyright infringement. It is protected by Envato’s policy.
Please make sure you purchase our apps on Codecanyon. Because our app is protected by the licenses of Envato. And you are able to customize easily your app Design/UI without re-submitting to App Stores, via the drag&drop FluxBuilder

Where can I buy your products?
Please buy our products on Codecanyon Or refer to the purchase link on our website
Notice: Our purchase links are only available on the links above. Please buy from them to get our great support. We are carefully checking your purchase to ensure that our true customers get good service. Thank you for your interest in our products.

Would you do installation?
Yes, we provide the installation service and publish to Appstore & Google Play with a fee.
After purchasing the app, please send the website link and the needed detail to

What is the difference between Extended and Regular License?
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We provide clear and careful video and document instructions on how to install, how to customize logos, colours,… how to publish app stores step by step.
You should buy Extended license if your app sells products, such as clothes, foods, etc. Or you are a freelancer, you customize the app and distribute to your Client as Paid service.

🏆 Products

Purchase links

We provide FluxStore apps for your existing websites as below:
  • Magento/OpenCart/WooCommerce website 👉 FluxStore Pro app (Regular | Extended)
  • Dokan/WCFM Marketplace - 👉 FluxStore Multi Vendors app (Regular | Extended)
  • WooCommerce/Dokan/WCFM for Vendor - 👉 FluxStore Manager app (Regular | Extended)
  • WooCommerce/Dokan/WCFM for Delivery Boy - 👉 FluxStore Delivery Boy app (Regular | Extended)
  • Listeo/MyListing/ListingPro website - 👉 FluxStore Listing app (Regular | Extended)
Click this little triangle to see the difference between Regular and Extended licenses
⭐️ With the Regular license, you totally can:
  • Create your own app on both iOS and Android by installing any code editor (e.g. Android Studio) and Flutter.
  • Free translation service.
  • Edit the Design of app on the drag&drop FluxBuilder for free.
⭐️ With Extended license, you get more Extended ⚡️ features of the FluxStore app and FluxBuilder tool:
  • Use the Extended features of the drag&drop FluxBuilder:
    • More than 20 Extended templates.
    • Auto build.
    • Windows users can build iOS (Build On Cloud).
    • Update Features without re-publishing to Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Lifetime use FluxBuilder.

Support Links

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