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Do you want to create native mobile apps for your websites on both iOS and Android?
Do you wish to save thousands of dollars by developing a high-quality and complete mobile app? Meet FluxStore & FluxBuilder…

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Who are you in the market?
✅ FluxStore Apps provide the solution to create Apps for your Websites with impressive UI designs and rich e-commerce functionalities.
✅ Full source code , full documentation, and tutorial videos to build and publish your Apps on Apple Store and Google Play. Get directly support from our technical experts team
✅ One purchase for each website. Free upgrade for all lifetime

Here Is Everything You Get with FluxStore apps:

Click HERE for more detail about all FluxStore apps.
🏆 Full Dart source code for both iOS and Android
🏆 You can edit all via the source code of FluxStore lifetime
🏆 One-time purchase, Lifetime upgrade
🏆 Well guide to manually build your iOS & Android apps
🏆 Free Video tutorial, refer to InspireUI Channel
🏆 Design Source by Figma design tools
🏆 Free Splash screen animated by Flare
🏆 Private Facebook Group to share knowledge
🏆 Free WooCommerce website to help install more easily
🏆 Free translation service for your language
🏆 Free drag&drop FluxBuilder tool to:
  • ⚡️Use more than 100 UI Templates
  • ⚡️Save the Design for the next time update
  • ⚡️App Design Sharing
  • ⚡️Design History
  • ⚡️Export and Import your Design
  • ⚡️Update the Design without re-publishing to App Store and Google Play
  • ⚡️Features Configuration
🛍 Special gifts only for users of FluxStore or FluxNews app:
  1. Free FluxBuilder tool to edit your app's UI easily with drag&drop Lifetime. This is the Quick guide.
  1. Update your app's UI without republishing it to App Stores for Free and Whole lifetime.
  1. Free translation service for any local language.

Pre-sale questions

⚡️Do I need to purchase FluxBuilder or other fees?
No, you do not need to subscribe to FluxBuilder and work with source code following our detailed guide. You can activate FluxBuilder with your FluxStore purchase code (if want to design UI by drag-n-drop quickly and Lifetime).

⚡️Does it include a full source code package?
Yes, you will get the full Dart source code package and also the free WordPress plugins (if the product require to connect via Rest API).

⚡️Can I release the app to both iOS and Android?
Yes, some apps are made by React Native framework, some apps are made by Flutter framework. They support to release for both iOS and Android.

⚡️What is the difference between FluxStore WooCommerce and FluxStore Pro apps?
They are the same about WooCommerce (single vendor). The difference is that the FluxStore Pro app is compatible with both Opencart, Magento, and WooCommerce websites.

⚡️Will I get the free upgrade on the next coming version?
Yes, you will get the free upgrade with more awesome features coming, please follow the change logs to see the detail update. You will get the notify email for the new version update on stores.

⚡️How to view a Demo App for My Website?
Hi Friends, "can i see a demo with my web” we usually get these questions.
🔻The answer is “Yes, you can”. 💰A Mobile App will take your online business to the next level, because about 78% of all traffic and 66% of all orders came from Mobile Devices.
Without purchase, you can view a Demo App for Your Website using drag&drop FluxBuilder App Builder for Free: 🎯 Edit your App UI with drag&drop quickly and elegantly 🎯 Build a Test APK, Test iOS to see what your App looks like in just a few minutes
Support multi-type of your Websites:
✅ WooCommerce
✅ WCFM (WC Lovers)
✅ Dokan
✅ Wordpress (multi-purpose, blog, news,  )
✅ Shopify
✅ Opencart
✅ Magento
✅ Listeo, MyListing, ListingPro
✅ PrestaShop
✅ Strapi
✅ Notion
✅ BigCommerce
Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

⚡️App for Your WordPress Website
You have a Wordpress Website (blog, news, etc.) and now you would like to create a Mobile App for your site.
🔻FluxNews app is your solution for both iOS and Android apps:
💡Syns with your data/website smoothly and instantly.
💡Facebook Ads and Google Admob
💡Support Tiktok, Story, Instagram, etc.
💡Flexible posts with image, Vimeo video, Youtube video, Facebook video, Podcast, m4u, mp3 audio player.
💡Push Notifications
💡Smart chat: Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, SMS, Phone call, Gmail, Intercom Service, Firebase Realtime Chat
💡Social Login, etc.
🎯Google Analytics
🎯Elegant Design/UI
🎯Drag&drop FluxBuilder app builder to edit & update UI/Design of your app without re-publishing.
🎯One time purchase, Lifetime upgrade
Saving thousands of hours and dollar spent on designing, developing and testing a mobile app, FluxNews comes as a complete solution to deliver your app to the market.
Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

Good rating & feedback
"a mission to deliver nothing but excellence”
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Congratulations to our Romania client for successfully released the Wines of Romania app to the Google Play and Apple Store, based on our FluxStore app.
Other successful cases: , Youtube videos.

⚡️I don't have a website. Without website? Similar UI to my website?
Some clients ask “I do not have any website yet, can I use your FluxStore apps?”
Actually, we focus on providing Android & iOS apps for Client’s existing Websites/Backend with many platforms, such as WooCommerce, Dokan, WCFM (WC Lovers), Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, Strapi, Shopify, BigCommerce, Notion, Listeo (single vendor), MyListing, Listing Pro, or blog/news Wordpress.
But if you do not have a website, you can use FluxStore apps below:
  • FluxStore MultiVendor apps: the same with the above app, and install more WCFM (WC Lovers) or Dokan to support multivendor features.
“Can I build FluxStore app without website ecommerce?”
You can use the FluxStore Notion app. This app does not need the website. You save your data in the free Notion.
“Can i make an app with a similar UI to my website? So that users can feel the same on website and app”
You can fully customize the design of App with the same UI for your existing website.
You can edit the UI of app through source code. Or use the free FluxBuilder drag&drop app builder.
You can also easily customize the Design of your app without re-publishing it to App Stores.
Thank you and we look forward to serving you!
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⚡️Would you do the installation?
Please experience the FluxBuilder App Builder with Build On Cloud feature that helps to:
✅ Fast build Android & iOS Apps without coding.
✅ No need setup environment.
✅ Windows can build iOS app. This is guide to use. With the extended license, you get the full source code of FluxStore and full features of FluxBuilder (extended templates, sync app's features without republishing App Stores, free language translation, lifetime🎯).
If you still need the installation service and have purchased FluxStore apps, you are able to submit this form. Our technical team will take a look and respond as soon as possible.

⚡️What is the difference between an Extended and Regular License?
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We provide clear and careful video and document instructions on how to install, how to customize logos, colours,… how to publish app stores step by step.

Where can I buy your products?
Let’s buy our products on Codecanyon Or refer to the purchase link on our website

Do your Apps support Laravel?
FluxStore app does not support Laravel. By the way, it's possible to update your own Rest API but require some programming skill to change the API from the app.

I want to create a mobile app for an existing WordPress CMS, ReactJS
Please refer to our FluxStore Strapi app.

Can the Apps support multistore or multisite?
You can refer to the FluxStore MAX app.

Can the Listing Owner add a listing on the app?
Yes, Listing owner/seller can add listing via Webview.

Can we create a post through the FluxNews app?
Yes, FluxNews can add an article. (Post)

Can vendors add products through the FluxStore Multi Vendor app?
Yes, Vendors are able to add simple products.

Can the FluxStore Multi Vendor app be used for food delivery to show nearby stores by location?
Yes, Allow the users to search nearby vendors with this plugin

Can I have 2 backends to the same App?
It is possible but will require some customization with your programing skill.

Can a Vendor also be a buyer without having two accounts?
Yes, of course.

Can I use the free plan of the Dokan plugin?
Yes, you can use the free or paid plan of Dokan plugin.

Can I build an app for my Ecwid store using API?
Sorry we have not supported ecwid yet. Currently FluxStore apps support Woocommerce, Dokan, WCFM, Magento (2.x), Opencart (3.x), Prestashop, Strapi, Shopify, or blog/news Wordpress website.

Can we sell Audio Books on the FluxStore?
Yes, you can. Currently Audio Player and the PlayList are supported on Blog to play the audio files. If you would like to sell the audio products, you need to customize but it is so easy to do that.

Does FluxStore Listing support Dokan?
Yes, you can merge the source code of FluxStore Multi Vendors into FluxStore Listing, then you can build your own app of Listing Dokan. We provide the detailed guide to do this step by step.

Is there a cost for Firebase or Onesignal?
But you can use the free version, it is okie.

Can not open the demo of FluxStore on an Android phone
  • You can not use the demo of FluxStore Manager, FluxStore Delivery, and FluxStore Multi Vendors on one device. So if you would like to try the FluxStore Delivery app, please help to delete the FluxStore Manager app.
  • If still not work:
Please enable "Install unknow apps" in your phone. Steps: From a Home screen, navigate to Settings > Apps. Tap Menu icon (upper-right). Tap Special access. Tap Install unknown apps. Select the unknown app then tap the Allow from this source switch to turn on or off .

My Web Site is in html5 with CSS
If your site is a static HTML5 website then it will not compatible with the app. If it is based on Wordpress, it will work fine -

Can I install Dokan or Wcfm to your Free pre-config WooCommerce website to use for multi vendors?
Yes, you can. You just need to install Dokan or WCFM.

Does the cataloged mode exist as in WooCommerce?
Yes, it does. You can configure EnableShoppingCart to be false, then the app only shows cataloged products, not to purchase

What kind of state management you are using (provider/getx/riverpod/bloc/other)?
FluxStore apps are using provider.

I have audio streaming on my WordPress site, is it working?
Yes, of course. You can use FluxNews:

Why Map does not display on demo apps?
Don't worry, it is not a bug, because Google Maps's rule limits one request/day on our country. So you can not view map. But after purchasing, you can use this feature with your API Key smoothly.

Does it support Custom Posts?
Hi, it will require some customization to display the CPT.

Can I create an app for CS-Cart, Odoo, or CRM?
We have not supported cs cart, Odoo, CRM yet.

Do you have an affiliate or reseller program?
Yes, you will get 30% commission with
These are all of our FluxStore apps that help to create Apps for clients' existing Websites. Please input our URLs of FluxStore apps to The difference between apps - Thank you

Do you have a partner or agency program for frequency buyers?
We are providing a Agency plan for FluxBuilder App Builder. Please refer to Feel free to email for cooperation.

Between Dokan and WCFM, which one works the best with this app
We should recommend WCFM.

Variations are unavailable!
❓I have tried the build test and it seems the app doesn’t deal with variations products in Woocommerce. The app shows all the products with variations as unavailable!
!If you are building your Test App on FluxBuilder, the variations will not display because you have not installed our API (it is available after purchasing this app).


Purchased questions

Can not login to the support center although purchased?
Be sure you purchased to be able to access it. Please go to our support center then select “Sign in with Envato instead”.
If you purchased but get the issue, please try to refresh the Caching on your browser and try again. Or you can change your browser to another one. Some clients get the issue with Safari browser.

Can not post a ticket to the support center?
Please go to the account setting then import your purchase code

Can I install Dokan or Wcfm to your Free pre-config WooCommerce website to use for multi vendors?
Yes, you can. You just need to install Dokan or Wcfm.

If the website moves/transfers to another Hosting, is the app still working?
Yes, the app still work after you move the database so that keys (consumerKey, consumerSecret, accessToken....) do not change.

I have purchased your license and Envato disabled my account
If your Envato account is disabled by Envato, you need to contact them. We only sell apps on Envato and can not help this case.

Is OneSignal mandatory for IPA?
You can remove OneSignal as this guide.

From Power Elite Author + Author’s 5 Stars Rating on CodeCanyon
From Power Elite Author + Author’s 5 Stars Rating on CodeCanyon
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  • If you already have a Woocommerce website with WCFM or Dokan plugin, use this app to build your app on both iOS and Android.
  • WCFM, Dokan (multi vendors)
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  • Vendor application supports Seller in the smoothest management way.
  • Compatible with Woocommerce, WCFM, or Dokan plugins.
  • WooCommerce, WCFM, Dokan
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  • If you have an existing Woocommerce, Opencart, or Magento website/backend, use FluxStore Pro app to build your own app on both iOS and Android.
  • This app is the same with FluxStore Woocommerce app about woocommerce.
  • Opencart, Magento, Woocommerce
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If you have an existing SHOPIFY store, use this app to build your own app on both iOS and Android.
  • Shopify (single vendor)
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  • If you have an existing Woocommerce website/backend, use this app to build your own app on both iOS and Android.
  • WooCommerce (single vendor)
notion image
If you have a blog/news/etc. Wordpress Website, use this app to build your own app on both iOS and Android.
  • WordPress, blog, news, etc.
notion image
If you have an existing PRESTASHOP website/backend, use this app to build your own app on both iOS and Android.
  • Prestashop (single vendor)
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Do not need a website, store data on Notion, and use this app to build your own app for your business.
  • Notion (single vendor)
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  • A Flutter application is used for your WooCommerce site (single vendor, multivendor: Dokan or WCFM plugin).
  • WooCommerce, WCFM, Dokan
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If you already have a Listeo, MyListing, or ListingPro website, use this app to build your app on both iOS and Android.
  • Listeo, My Listing, Listing Pro.
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  • If you already have a STRAPI website, use this app to build your app on both iOS and Android.
  • Strapi (single vendor)
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  • A React Native app. If you have an existing Woocommerce website/backend, use this app to build your own app on both iOS and Android.
  • BigCommerce (single vendor)

🔷 FluxBuilder app builder is a drag-and-drop tool which guides non-tech users in building their own mobile apps in just 3 simple steps: Integrate, Design, and Publish.
🔷 Convert website to both iOS and Android apps.
🔷 100% easy setup.
🔷 0% coding knowledge required.
🔷 No need to set up the Flutter environment on your laptop.
Without purchase, you can view a demo App of your Website with the drag&drop FluxBuilder for Free. This is the Quick guide
🎯 Edit your App's UI by drag&drop 🎯 Build a Test APK to view how your App looks Note that the simulator (emulator) on FluxBuilder and Test APK (Test iOS) app is not used to test App’s features. Some features will not work because you have not installed our API or because of framework limitation.
Your production apps will work smoothly, don’t worry, our technical experts are available to support.
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🟣 FluxBuilder Agencies create your own App Builder, which helps you to auto-build your clients’s apps or lets your clients auto-build their own apps by drag-and-drop easily.
🟣 This is a White-label version of FluxBuilder.
"White-label Everything" "3x White Label" = Customer's Mobile App + Full App Source code + Your Own App Builder.
⭐ Warmly welcome your cooperation. Feel free to email us:
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Whether you are a businessman with raising sale ambition or a developer with faster mobile apps creation needs, FluxStore & FluxBuilder always provide you with the most optimized solutions.
Faster- Smoother- Closer.
Whether you are a businessman with raising sale ambition or a developer with faster mobile apps creation needs, FluxStore & FluxBuilder always provide you with the most optimized solutions. Faster- Smoother- Closer.